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When a loved one dies, please contact the Parish Priest so that prayers may be said as part of our daily worship.

A Church of England funeral is a church service which conforms to basic rules. Many families wish to celebrate the departed’s life and this can be achieved within that service. We ask God to care for the departed and to place them in His hands, ‘the Commendation and Committal’ in the knowledge that there is nothing better we can do for our loved one. The funeral service can be a very sad occasion but it is a necessary part of the grieving process and it offers the Christian hope that God loves and cares for each one of us. 

All are invited to the All Souls Day service (about 2 Nov) to remember those who have died in Christ and those whose funerals took place at St George's or with St George's clergy in the past year.  

Arranging a funeral

Most arrangements, including the finances, will be handled by the undertaker. Many people visit the undertaker first, though if you have a priest who you would like to take the service you should contact him as soon as possible.

Services may be a funeral or a funeral Eucharist ‘Requiem Mass’, followed by a committal at a crematorium or graveside. Alternatively the full service can take place at either a crematorium or cemetery. The body may be received in the church the night before so that the departed leaves on their final journey having rested in their spiritual home. Ashes may be interred in the grounds of St George’s church (see notice in church porch for eligibility and conditions). A plain wooden cross with a plaque agreed with the churchwardens may be set up by where the ashes have been laid.

The family and priest meet, preferably about a week before the funeral, to address any questions and discuss what the service might contain. Where service booklets are to be printed we can provide templates which can then be personalised. The family may find it useful to draw up their thoughts about the departed before they meet the priest and to have considered what music they would like. When thinking about music it is important to consider how appropriate it may be – not everything we might like to play will do justice to the service and the departed.

Funeral fee: £195

Burial of cremated remains on separate occasion: £188 (of which £162 is the statutory fee and £25 is for the upkeep of the grounds)

Additional charges:
Organist: £90
Choir: £120

For details of statutory charges for register searches, memorial crosses, plaques, etc. please contact one of the churchwardens, or see